Monday, March 14, 2005

Think Good Thoughts

I picked this list from an e-mail sent to me by a friend (Tammy) and wanted to rename it simply Good Thoughts. I've altered a few of them, and highlighted ones that give me special pleasure based on my own experiences with when you're feeling low and want something good to think about, or when your mind wanders and you're obsessing about your problems, refer to this list and I'm sure you will find at least one thing that brings a warm glow, little smile, or fond memory.

• Fresh-picked corn, barely steamed and dripping with butter.
The smell of the air as you approach the ocean shore.
• Sheets dried in the sun.
A kiss from your child when their friends are around.
• A girlfriend/boyfriend who listens.
Strong arms wrapped around you.
The purring of your cat curled up in your lap.
Knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life.
• Husbands who cook.
Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.
• Your daily chat with a loved one.
• The deep silence of an empty church.
• Giggles.
Secrets told to you in strict confidence by your teenage daughter. (although they are sometimes pretty scary)
• Losing even one pound.
• A call from someone just to say “I love you.”
• Someone asking ”how are you?” and really caring about the answer.
Comfortable shoes. (run Forrest, RUN!)
• Sitting in a field picking and eating strawberries.
New crayons.
• Forgiveness.
• Touching feet in bed with your husband in bed.
A still lake at dusk.
The scent of your baby’s skin.
• Someone saying you did a good job.
• The aromas wafting from your mother’s kitchen at Thanksgiving.
• The guts to say you’re sorry.
Slipping under fresh sheets after a warm bath.
• Laughing out loud.
• Express checkout lines.
• First light on an empty beach.
Listening to a child read his first book by himself.
• Favorite old songs on the radio.
A full moon on a clear night.
• The scent of your husband’s undershirt. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)
Sitting outside on a summer evening watching fireflies.
• A letter from your best friend.
• A place to call home.
The conspiratorial twinkle in your child’s eyes when you share a private joke.
The sound of rain falling on the roof.
• A down comforter on a cold winter night.
• Gentle Men.
• A favorite chair.
• Your dog’s welcoming bark as you turn your key in the door.
A child’s head resting on your shoulder.
The quiet after a snowfall.
• Wide hips. (OH we know what that means...)
The wisdom of children.
The deep, fresh smell of damp earth in a pine forest.
• The morning stillness of your home before anyone else has awakened.
• Unconditional love.

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